Fly Spray

Fly season is starting up here, and those little black flying monsters make life quite miserable for the cows during milking. Miserable cows mean miserable farmers. On the farm here we utilize primarily organic practices, so no toxic/chemical fly sprays for us. I scoured the web for natural, effective fly sprays that we could use on food producing animals and came up with this one. I have been using this fly spray on the cows for a couple weeks now, and it is amazing. It doesn’t last as long as commercial fly sprays, so we reapply as needed. Honestly though, it lasts as long as it takes for each cow to finish milking. The recipe is so natural that the cows could literally eat it without worries. I will definitely continue to make this through the summer!


Fly Spray Recipe and Instructions:

Spray Bottle

1 quart apple cider vinegar

20 drops rosemary essential oil

20 drops tea tree/melaleuca essential oil

20 drops lavender essential oil

*Pour all ingredients into spray bottle, shake well before each use!


Poire the cow says thank you for the fly relief!



My apologies for the recent radio silence, the only excuse I can offer is that I have been insanely busy transitioning between internships and moving to another part of the state.

Wrapping Up My First Internship


My first farm internship finished this past week. I got accepted to a full year/full season internship position in Northern California, so it was time to move on. I was surprised by how difficult my last day was with Cari and the farm. I was so sad to leave, I hadn’t expected to bond so much with the animals. I know I will visit them again, but it was still heartbreaking to drive away that last time.

This internship was an amazing experience; I learned so much from my time with Cari at White Mountains Ranch. I took tons of notes and drew little diagrams of the farm set-up in my journal. I completely foresee using the skills, methods, and knowledge that I got from Cari.

Sadly (or maybe not so sadly) my shoes and work gloves were completely dead by the end of my internship. Both shoes and gloves got thrown away; I’ll start fresh with the new farm. It was even bittersweet throwing away my shoes… those were the shoes that Ghia the goat peed on when she “welcomed” me to the herd!


Moving, Yet Again

It seems like moving has become the story of my life, I can’t even count the number of places that I’ve lived in the last 5-7 years. Once again I packed my car up to the gills and drove North. I packed my car so much that the poor Prius thought there was a passenger in my front seat. I had to seatbelt in my backpack before my car would let me drive off into the dark morning.

Interning in NorCal


I arrived at my next farm internship mid-afternoon, this is the farm that I’ll be living and working at for the next 10+ months. There was a bit of a scramble when I drove in to get everything settled. I will have to write a longer post on the living situation, because it’s definitely interesting.

The farm I’m at is mostly animals, lots of chickens and cows. They run a milk herd share, and I’m very excited to learn the ins and outs of dairy.

More to come soon, with lots of pictures!